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Where is the Romance Posted on Feb 28, 2007 at 04:09 PM
In days of old when Knights were bold and even before the Valentine was invented, there seemed to be a heck of a lot more romance going on ? with men bowing down with feather hats and caps before a maiden or chowing down to a huge banquet, giving their lady the eye over a lamb shank with the exciting possibility of a midnight lute serenade. Fast forward to present day where simple old-fashioned rules no longer apply, leaving guys thinking they have to climb mountains to win a maiden over. It used to be that dating wisdom was passed down through the family with a set of rules and strategies for navigating the playing field. These days anything goes and while that is fine for the super confident among us, what of the rest of us lost and adrift in the love sea. So while I was talking to a couple of the fellas about romance, I learned that most guys do consider themselves capable of being romantic, and the rest would love to be ? if only they knew how. So maybe it's the ladies with whom romance seems out of favour. But how can that be with the traditional female domains of romantic comedies, love songs and soap operas soaking their scripts in champagne and roses? There seems to be something mysteriously askew ? women love romance but dismiss it when it comes their way, while men are less clued-in but still willing to give it a try. Could it be that women are taught by our mothers to have low romantic expectations of the "Dominate male", or to protect themselves from being called "princesses" or "high maintenance" dates by pushing away the romance offered by those same men? Perhaps romance intimidates us or we see it as a tool used by one another to obtain sex. I believe women sometimes have a perception of romance that isn't really obtainable or real. They listen to countless love songs, read and watch Bridget Jones and Sex and the City and dream about there own Mr Big... but in reality the girls at work aren't embracing those ideals. Romance was once declared by the little boy who pulled your ponytail in the playground, but as we've grown older we've heaped our romantic experience with a good helping of expectation. And unfortunately complications arise when our expectations are not met ? like when one's romantic ideal is a moonlit walk and your mate's is a late-night dash to the bathroom. A gentle romantic approach for the first few dates is best. Taking a date for someone special a step further and making it romantic depends on your desire to impress your date ? but also sensing when, how and if romance is right. It's important to read signs like body language and eye contact. If the signals are positive you could try a genuine compliment or a simple gesture to get your point across. Try opening the door of a restaurant, letting the lady choose her seat first or buying the movie tickets before you meet your date. Romance isn't dead it's just a little gun shy. So how about this, try a little romance this weekend and observe how you're treated and you might find that the object of your affections might just respond in kind. For all the love that is squandered, I will be there to pick up the pieces.
Try Me!!!!! Posted on Jun 12, 2006 at 01:35 PM
Everybody needs some one who will be there, someone to wipe the tears and make you smile. So if you need someone who will not judge you when you fall, no matter what?s been done my heart will answer when you call. Cause life can make you cry and hurt you deep inside, But I promise you, I?ll know the pain you feel, So if I am allowed to hold you, I will take those clouds away. I?ll feel your world with joy and all the wrong I will erase. Even though you may hurt me and you might even forget my name, My love will be unconditional and that means it will never waver or change. So when your hearts been torn into, and you just don?t know what to do. When the rain has come and gone, and the sun still won?t shine. After your friends have walked away, or you just run out of words to say. But after you?ve tried everything else Remember ME!!!!!!! For all the love that is Squandered, I will be there to pick up the pieces!!!
Chivalry's not dead Posted on Jun 09, 2006 at 11:19 AM
Do you remember when opening doors, pulling out chairs, standing when a woman walks into the room was common place. Whatever happen to chivalry? I know its hard to imagine, but I believe it just wasn?t a southern thing. I have realized that maybe getting back to the roots of love will make me a better man. Hell at the least I will have a better understanding, of what it was that made men so debonaire. I know that we can?t go back into time, but I do believe we can bring time forward. It doesn?t take a lot to call all females ?Ladies?, order for both when in a restaurant, or for that matter pick up the tab. Always ask never tell, directives get you nothing but another directive telling you where to go (Usually to hell !!!!). I?m not a Dr Phil just a man trying to enlighten us men on love, romance, and a long term relationship. This is what we want right? You don?t have to put on a polyester suit and a top hat. Just be generous and open hearted. For all the love that is squandered, I will be there to pick it up!!!!
Time Posted on Jun 03, 2006 at 11:50 PM
I my search for love I have learned that time is a great thing to have its free and you can have as much of it as you need to complete life long dreams. Everyone feels that time is endless, but in reality time does have a end. Its up to us to figure out how much time we will need and then use it or abuse it. When it comes to love time can be an enemy or it could be a companion. If we use time wisely we learn to appreciate what it is that we have earned in that time. Love, Life, and Happiness are just a few things we can have. Imagine taking all the time in the world to build a meaningful relationship. Well we have the means to do so we just don't use them. I have learned that if you take time and get to know someone, inside and out. You have a better feeling about your relationship and all that it will bring. So Fellas lets be men and take our time and do it right. Get to know love, and what its all about. She will reward you dearly. For all the love that is squandered, I am here to pick it up.
we all want love Posted on Jun 03, 2006 at 11:43 PM
Love is a Beautiful thing, regardless how you find it or where you find it. Just as long as it love. You can spend a lifetime or just a few days for those of us who believe in love at first sight.. So lets talk, what ever happen to men making love to there companion, girl , wife, whatever. See here is where all the men are going " That's what I'm talkin bout" But I don't think we are. I mean really make love all day. You know things like walking up behind her and hugging her, letting her know you are there for her anytime anywhere, reassuring her she's the love of your life or that she has made your life more useful. Or what about sending flowers for no reason or leaving a note on her car while she's working, to say you miss her. Oh yeah and don't for get, just sitting and talking to her and feeling her presence. See this is what I'm talking about. That's love and we all should want to give it to someone special. "I do" For all the love that is squandered, I am here to pick it up.