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Posted on Wed, Aug 18, 2010 22:16

So, I spent the day at the beach and thought about life. Mine in particular. I decided that we need to be happy with our lives as they are. I know its hard sometimes but to be negative hurts no one but ourselves. Its time to practice what I preach and take hold of my life. I want to be happy. I deserve to be happy. Don't I? I do, and you do. So just smile and get on with living :)

crystalbluocean / Norma

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Posted on Sun, Aug 22, 2010 14:43

I agree. Last week I was upset about my sister being fired from the place that we both work. I felt that she was released unjustly and was angry about it...for her of course. But that was a waste of time because she is reeling in the fact that by being unemployed at this time, she has more time to spend with her 5 year old son and to get some things done around the house that she didn't have time to do because of work. Besides, other more pressing issues have come up in the family that are more important than being agry about her being let go. I, for one, am greatful that she put it into perspective for me. Take care.

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