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Blog-Beschreibung:Hi I have been a member a couple of times now. I have chatted with some great people. My membership expires very soon and I won't be renewing. I just want to invite any men who may be interested in meeting an absolutely great woman to drop me a note. Don't let my outgoing independent personality scare you away, because I am also very devoted caring woman. I hope to hear from all you wonderful men out there. Good luck in your search everyone!
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Honesty 127 Angesehen 02/12/10

I wrote a profile trying to be honest about about myself and what I am seeking. I didn't add too many details because I didn't want to bog people down with details better left until contact is made. I find people asking me for sex, for long distance relationships in situations where we could never meet, and my all time pet peeve, people stating that their appearance is "Hot" when they are not.

I am not searching for "hot" nor do I wish to meet for sexual encounters, I am seeking a kind, gentle, honest man who is secure in himself and mature enough to know that looks aren't the main ingredient to a successful relationship. I know there are people on this site who share a realistic outlook on  what is important in a relationship.

 I am not good looking, however  I am an awesome person, very caring, very loyal and very funny. I know there are other men and women out there in similar circumstances. I want every one of you to know that I see your inner beauty, that I look deeper that the surface and I love for who you are.  Whether we meet someone to date or chat or go for coffee, the most important thing is to remember we are all worthy of someone taking the time to say "Hello" and taking the chance to get to know us.


So to every one on this site who honestly likes to get to know others I say "Hi, glad you are here, and I hope we get a chance to chat" Every one of you is worth it.


And please, be honest in your profiles, so others can find you!

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It's a wonderful day after all 44 Angesehen 02/06/10

I just found out that an old friend of mine, not age old but i have known him for almost 35 years, has cancer. He found a spot on his ear and within 2 months it morphed into a cancer that has spread to the bone in his neck. Even if the radiation cures it, it is a cancer that will return. Very bad news.

I also learned that another friend I hae known for even longer, is about to be divorced after more than 25 years of marriage. Also bad news.

And I lost my best friend from elementary school to a brain anurysm not that long ago. And a very good friend of the both of us died while we were still teenagers.

I was beginning to feel very down, almost like giving up. I went for a walk and spent some time with the Lord. I realize that this is all in a great plan and that I need to recognize the joy of having these people in my life even if our time was limited. I know to celebrate every minute I have here and to cherish each of my friends, because as I have learned, you don't know what will happen next.

I thank God for every moment I am here to share the gifts each day brings, and hope everyone else can feel the joy of each day.


Bless us all.


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Do These Peolpe Exist? 134 Angesehen 02/01/10

OK, so I paid for a membership and I am recieving winks from people, however when I try to view thier profile it says that they have blocked thier profile. Is this actually happening, repeatedly, or does this site send "teaser" winks?

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Serious relationship? 124 Angesehen 01/26/10

I have learned a lot being single. I know who I am and what I want. I have chatted with people online and then gave up completely because so many were looking for instant sexual encounters. I know this is what many people want and wish you all luck in your search. I am at a point in my life where I seek something different.

I am seeking a serious relationship, even a serious friendship. I know there are good people out there, both men and women, and many are on this site.

So I am giving LargeFriends another try. I look forward to making new friends and maybe even finding my soul mate. Hello again!

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