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  • I wonder why it is that so many Women tend to prefer to settle for Abusive Men to have relationships with rather than the sort of men that Care for them and afford them genuine Love and Respect? I`m afraid that I`ve No time for Abusers of any kind and too much time for the victims of such inadequate Bullies , of course there is not a lot that I can do to prevent the situation happening but then it`s rather frustrating to see Beautiful Women suffering when there is really No need for it .
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10 Tips in Life . Posted on Oct 21, 2007 at 04:56 AM
In "Prediction" Magazine ther is a regular feature called "10 things life has taught me" ,where every month a different Person from the Psychic World gives 10 tips on how to get the best from Life . I would say that my tips are . 1) Always make time the people in your life ,cause you never know how precious that time can really be . 2)Always be prepared to sit and listen to other people as you learn a lot from listening . 3) Always be there for others with support and sympathy when they need it and hopefully they will always be there for you when you need them . 4) Never Judge the mistakes of others , Lest they Judge your mistakes with harsher eyes . 5) Remember that forgiveness costs nothing , but can mean so very much . we all have frailties and faults that need forgiveness . 6) Never Promise more than you can deliver ,as broken promises can lead to disappointment and bitterness . 7)Make Time for yourself ,cause we all need some time to relax and take stock of our lives . 8) Be good to yourself ,cause at the end of the day you are who and what you are a unique child of the universe . 9) What goes around comes around to the power of 3 ,so what you send out is returned 3 times stronger . 10) Remember the 4 most important words are Love , Patience , Respect , and Humour ,These are the cornerstones of your Life that you build your World .So what are your 10 tips? Bless YOu Petersh55
Dreams and Reality Posted on Aug 25, 2007 at 03:14 AM
You know we all have Dreams of things that we want in our lives and the people that we want to share our lives with , but I wonder how these Dreams fare in the world of reality? For example My Dream Life is meeting the Woman of my dreams and making her happy . I would suck her toes , before massuaging her feet with Rose Water or Sandalwood Oil , before telling how much I Love her and asking her how she wants me to Please her . Of Course that will never happen in real Life as No Woman would ever think of Letting me do anything so Personal to her, and I would never wish to insult her by even suggesting such a thing to her , but then that`s the wonderful thing about Dreams , they are things that rarely come true but when they Do they very rarely Disappoint. It would be nice if it would happen but won`t . Anyway is there any body out there with any way out Dreams ? Bless you all Petersh55
Why the weird Spams? Posted on Aug 03, 2007 at 03:01 AM
Hi I seem to be getting quite a few rather weird Spams coming for me just lately . Things like someone wanting to sell me a number of Watches , now why would I want to buy a load of watches ? i`ve got quite a few already . Then there are a large number of people trying to sell me Viagra , I mean what would I want with Viagra? After all I don`t really fancy Polevaulting through the Bedroom Window everytime I try to get out of Bed . But the most amazing ones seem to be the ones that attempt to get me to join a Lesbian Dating Club . Hmm. that could be interesting , but somehow I don`t really think it would work out . Of course I just delete them all . No problem , but I do wonder am I really the only one to get these sorts of useless sorts of messages . It would be Interesting to know if any body else gets them and what they think of them . Bless you all Peter (Peteeersh55)
It Takes Two (Part2) Posted on Jul 22, 2007 at 05:28 AM
As the Blog title says it takes two to establish that special relationship, which means that both people need to think about how they behave towards the other . We all need to understand that the other person has feelings too , so if your partner does something that you really enjoy then thank them and praise their consideration . If a Partner is a little disappointing in bed please be patient with them , and remember some Men don`t have all that much experience or are a bit rusty when it comes to Pleasing Women , but a little patience and sympathy does bring it`s rewards . Both Partners need to exercise a lot of Love so Good Luck to you all (Petersh55)
It Takes tTwo(Part1) Posted on Jul 22, 2007 at 04:15 AM
Reading through a few of the Blogs recently it seems such a shame that so many of them express so much anger and bitterness about the behaviour of a lot of Men . Whether it`s due to thoughtlessness or sheer arogance makes no difference it`s still unacceptable . What they need torealise is that such behaviour does nobody any favours , and they need to try the following . 1) Keep everything friendly and relaxed . 2) Leave the pace of things to the Woman to determine, as she knows what she is comfortable with . If you are patient to wait then believe me it`s going to be well worth the wait . 3) When she decides to take you to bed ,remember to pleasure her with your fingers first raising her to the heights of ecstasy at least 7 times , Because if sex doesn`t go as well you hoped ,at least you will have given her some pleasure and she will hopefully be sympathetic to your disappointment . 40 After the Love making has ended Cuddle her , kiss her ,and tell her that you Love her . Remember never ever tell aWoman that you Love her unless you really do Love her . Because if you don`t Love her You should never go to bed with her . (Petersh55)
Life`s Questions and best kept Secrets Posted on Jul 17, 2007 at 04:34 AM
Life seems to have so many fascinating questions and secret like Why do so many people enter into abusive relationship? Why do so many men watching Golf on T.V. when they could be making their Women happy? and Why don`t people spend more time laughing together ? Three Big Questions .Well my answer to the first Is Pass . My answer to the second is I don`t like Golf I prefer making Women happy the best way that I can . my answer to the third is self explanatary .So what do you think?