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Where is the self esteem? Posted on Tue, Sep 05, 2006 08:30
I read the blogs regularly and sometimes post my comments. However, I feel compelled to write today because I am truly saddened by the many women who lack self esteem and exude desperation on this website. There are women on here advertising thoughts of self loathing and neediness to an extent I just cannot understand. Women are on this network saying they cannot get a date because they are too big. I say this is a website for large people, if you cannot make a connection maybe the issue is far deeper than outward appearance. I am concerned that there are predators on this site looking for those women who are so down on themselves that they will fall for almost anything... Let's learn to love ourselves before we seek others to make us whole. And if you don't love yourself fake it, you will be surprised at the different kind of attention you will get and how it will help build your self esteem.