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Justifiable fear?????? Posted on Wed, May 31, 2006 21:13
Hey everyone. I read these blogs as often as i can, and alot of the time i completely agree with the different types of things i read and feel the same way about them myself and what we're all really doing here. So i feel i can get an open and honest answer from all of you. I am a single mother of a 5 year old little girl(she is beautiful)and people tell me this on a constant basis. To get down to it, i'm here to find a REAL man. My fear is you hear all these stories about boyfriends and non-biological, and biological fathers that end up doing horrible things to children. I know not all men are like that. I was 2 months pregnant when i met the man that she calls "dad". Her biological father was never in the picture. We as a couple didn't work out, but we are still close friends, he calls her everyday and does all the things any dad would do for his daughter. He will always be her dad no matter what, which is the best thing in the world for me to know she has 2 people who love her more than anything in the world. But i fear that i will not find someone that i can trust to be around her and treat her and care for her as they would thier own child. It's not a mistake i want to make at the expense of my daughter. But i also want to be in love again. How do i balance my fears and my desire to move on and be part of a couple again?????