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A New Me....... 247 Views 12/06/06
I have been on and off this site for a few years now...have met some really nice guys from here and all but I am going to throttle back and work on myself for awhile...I will be having bariatric surgery in about a week and will be trying to adjust to my new way of living....I have thought long and hard about the surgery and made my decision and never looked back....I will still be me just look different...my friends say the world is not ready for this...lol...cause you know if I wear a leopard print bathing suit at my current weight know telling what I will wear when I am smaller...lol...seriously though I just want to say that I enjoy reading the blogs and all the different perspectives...thanks to all of you who have made me smile and laugh....I am sure that you will find your someone special in time....especially big heart/bitterman....you seem like a great guy and so real with your feelings...you will make someone very happy someday....I hope as painful as love can be sometimes I hope that all of us can somehow help each other dust ourselves off and never give up on the ultimate and that is unconditional love.....
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Welcome Back Johnny! 61 Views 12/04/06
missed you bunches..huggsss
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What are you truly looking for a date or a hook up? 39 Views 11/03/06
I am wondering what is really going on with online dating sites? if I look at profiles in my state I see so many...but rarely do you see them on blogs or the forum or even online for that matter....do they just fill out their profile and wait for you to contact them? I would really like to find a man who was truly interested in forming a friendship then if we click progress to dating why is something so simple seem so out of reach at times on these sites?
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Well...it looked promising...but it fell apart! 269 Views 09/25/06
so much for eharmony I guess...contacted by someone seemed to hit it off then comes the meeting....seemed to go ok and then next day....no calls...and no response to my call....so strange...no signs of any problems during the date....but oops just disappeared on me....whats up with that? well here I am back and dusted off and just a little bit more wary....
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Does my profile make me sound like a Bitch? 336 Views 09/14/06
Not sure how I come across...what are your thoughts?
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