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  • Hi everyone! I am trying to share my thoughts of dating in Cyberville. These are my thoughts only and if it offends anyone, sorry, but this is not meant to single anyone out. I would like to hear your thoughts on this topic, so be honest....

    First let me fill you in on me.... I, like everyone else on here am searching for someone. What ever my goal may be we are all here for the same reason. If you need any more info than that I do ha...

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How about a southern meet and greet? Posted on Jun 15, 2010 at 12:03 PM
I know the waters were tested for the Southeastern meet and greet... How about a southern meet and greet? Perhaps in Texas? It is more central and easier access to each coast! Wadda ya say? My man makes the best ribs and brisket around! Love, Elaine
GIT Posted on May 09, 2010 at 06:54 AM
Hey y'all... GIT = Girlfriend in Training. Ok, now first of all, no, there is no trouble in paradise! Everything is going just fine for my beau and I...I just wanna keep it that way! I find myself thinking up ways to keep our relationship new and exciting and so is he...I was just curious as to what ways y'all keep your relationships exciting, sexually or otherwise. Brad, my beau, loves it when I just watch him or let him hold onto me or even hold his hand while walking through Wally World! This truly amazes me because he is one hot redneck/biker! I just can't get enough of him! So spill, what is your secret? Love, Elaine
Geeks and Freaks Posted on Apr 14, 2010 at 11:10 AM
Hey y'all...I'm curious. I used to be a Geek and now I'm a Freak, my transformation began when I found myself in cyberville and gained some confidence. I still remained true to myself, but I entertained newer ideas and voila... here I am in all my freakish, not derogatory verbage, glory! So tell me if there have been any transformations in your demeanor, ie more outgoing, vocal... Share, spill the beans, cough it up! Details my friends! Love, Elaine
Piercings? continued... Posted on Apr 06, 2010 at 03:27 AM
Well y'all, I'm getting a few piercings this weekend... I'll let ya know how things went. Yee Haw! Elaine
Ex Schoolmate Posted on Mar 27, 2010 at 09:10 PM
Wow, seems like it's been forever since i blogged on here... well, I think I have found "him" you know..."the one" He is an old school mate of mine. We have been communicating a lot lately and I never felt THIS way with any other fella, came close, but I think he's a keeper! I like that I can be my true self around him and he doesn't go runnin the other way! Not that i wasn't being myself with the others, we just have similar goals and backgrounds, yet we each have other stuff to bring to the table... He's my BBQ'n, motorcycle ridin, pick up drivin moustache havin redneck! I think i'm in love y'all! I think about him constantly! I think that if he didn't feel the same way, I could be considered a stalker! LOL We are taking things slow and easy... But I know he's the one! Sigh/Huge smile on my face... Oh and he's just how I like 'em too! Big and tall with a huge Moustache! My it's gettin warm in here! YEE HAW Y'all! Love, Elaine
White liars Posted on Feb 25, 2010 at 03:58 AM
Ok Y'all, I knew it was too good to be true... finding a handsome young energetic guy that wasn't ashamed to be seen with me in public or give me public displays of affection. Also good in bed. Turned out to be a liar and a cheat. He's married! I'm not going to get into the,"why me" pity party, I'm furious! You cannot fathom what I am going through so i'm going to post this so that all you cheaters out there know! Now, I'm not saying that all men are cheaters, or women for that matter, 'cause weve been known to do the same. Ok, here we go. First off, we are so happy that someone like you comes along and treats us like the Queens that we are, then you start to forget that we like going out, or that we actually like hearing your voice late at night when we are in bed... for that matter, we like you being here with us. Then it happens, the thoughts start to creep into our heads that perhaps we did something to piss you off slightly, this thought eventually turns into self doubt or in some cases that thought turns into suspicion about what YOU are doing during this time?!! I figured it out when you would not text back at certain times or meet me at my favorite public places.. You start to feel cocky that you have a wife and a lover... un beknownst to us. When we have gone through the entire range of emotions we figure you out. You are the scumb of the earth and I wish you Karma! Perhaps I'll eventually meet your wife and have an affair with her! So guys and dolls, I'm back on the market... Love, Elaine
Piercings? Posted on Feb 14, 2010 at 10:17 PM
Hey y'all, Not to be offensive, but... My latest beau has some serious piercings. no, he doesn't have any where you can see. I have always wanted to get a few of my own... My ears were done by my nanny and mother when I was a baby... I'm all grown now and am seriously thinking about getting the girls pierced. He wants, and I am thinking about getting my hood pierced too...Has anyone gone through any of this? I have done some research on it and the healing time is what I'm most concerned about. I've got about 35 days 'till he comes back from a contract and want to be able to be active with him.
Real men Posted on Jan 16, 2010 at 02:35 PM
Hey y'all, its been a while... I just wanted to let you know that besides my men friends here like Butter and Tiny, there are real men in the real world! I have actually been dating a man that is not ashamed to be seen with me in public, or be standoffish about having any type of public displays of affection. I must say that It is extreemly gratifying to actually have this happen to me! Although I do not seek acceptance from anyone (except while I was in High School, which was way long ago) If they don't like watching me, the thick and juicy chick (the American meaning of the term), make out with my boyfriend...screw them! It is a huge turn on and I for one love knowing that he likes me enough to just have me on his mind and not what others are thinking. However, I am proud of any man that feels the same way! Can I get a Yee Haw from my other large and lovely sistahs that have found this? How about a yee haw from some real men out there?
What is "Casual" Posted on Dec 07, 2009 at 05:43 AM
Hey y'all, it's me, Elaine. I have been pondering this for quite a while now and would like some opinions on the subject. What Does "wanting a casual relationship" mean to you? I have turned down a few members because they say they are only interested in a casual relationship. What the hell does that mean? Is it subjective to the person? Is it a guy code for just sex, is it simply just dating and sex with no strings attached. One person said that he felt that casual meant he wanted to date several people at once until he found the one. Dictionary says aomething like it is a happening without design or commitment. Does that mean a monogamous relationship can be casual if they do un-planned things? I suppose not because Monogamous would have commitment in it. Personally, if one was looking for a long term relationship they should put that. If they are looking for marriage they should put that. If they just want sex or dating and sex they should just put casual. The editors are probably going to change all "sex" words to six, because I am no longer a member. Please advise. Elaine
Dating in the world of the large and lovely Posted on Nov 12, 2009 at 07:52 PM
I used to love comming here to read the blogs and now... Whats happened to us? Come on people liven it up! I'm not even a member here anymore and I can still blog! OK, now let me get down off of my soap box and lets see what we can do to get some blood pumping around here! I am a 46 year old large and lovely, big and beautiful, fat and friendly...who the hell am I kidding... Honey, I am thick and Juicy! That is what I prefer to be called! No kidding. Looks aside, I did feel that my weight was my barrier to the dating world! Not true! I have found several men more than willing and able to look beyond all of my fluffyness... and the ideals of the perfect trophy girlfriend. Most have finally realized that it aint gunna happen. Gurls, I know that some of us were/still are looking for the perfect, hunky romantic Romeo to sweep us off of our feet... Sigh Hey, we can still dream cant we? Now in order to raise my chances of meeting the one for me I had to get my heart broken in a few places, and I must admit, I have broken a few myself. as well as put myself out there... I think it has to do with the numbers game. like... the more times you swing a bat at the ball the higher percentage of a chance of hitting it is... although the higher percent of misses is also expected. But my point being if we continue to swing at the ball (meet new people) the better our chances of making contact (hey this works for baseball and dating). What do you say! Don't give up! Get back up on that horse and enjoy the ride! Oh honey and I am really enjoying myself now more than ever. I know for a fact that there are more than the 10 of us that blog here that actually read these things... Lets get some communication going! Youre only going to meet new people if you decide to put yourself in a position to do so! Come on... Blog! Make comments, read others... I love the friends that I made here and I sure would like to make some more. Come on out of your shells and say something! Elaine